Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

25 Aug


Manufacturing work has now been made more convenient by the use of waterjet cutting. The cutting technology comes in two different kinds making it easy to cut almost any existing type of material. The pure and abrasive waterject cutting technologies differ in that the former only depends on water stream to initiate cutting, while the latter adds the use of a granular abrasive to the existing water stream. There are many advantages that come with the decision to use the waterjet cutting technique. This article has mentioned some of the benefits that your business will stand to enjoy from the choice to use wtaerjet cutting.

The first one is super edge quality. The quality of cutting edge produced by a cutting process is an important consideration by any designer. Waterjets have the ability to produce a perfect cutting with a smooth edge free of burrs. The speed, pressure, nozzle size, and abrasive flow rate are the features of the cutting process that allow it to produce such fine edge cutting. Such Flow Waterjetfeatures are also responsible for the fact that waterjet cutting does not need secondary finishing.

Secondly, the process is efficient and cost-effective. Waterjet cutting is ideal for use in all sorts of cutting that includes all types of material thickness. This implies that designers and manufacturers have the ability to work with more flexibility and efficiency. Waterjet cutting has the ability to cut through materials like hardened steel, multi-layer materials, and aluminum. The use of waterjet cutting enables the work to be finished within the minimum time possible. The use of waterjet cutting allows for quick cutting that saves on time and resources.

More importantly, the use of the waterjet cutting technology does not lead to heat affected zones. The cold nature of the cutting process contributes to no distortion problems associated with heat. As a result, it is advisable that you make use of the waterjet cutting technique for intricate metal fabrication as well as when handling materials that still need to go through further machine work after cutting. The original molecular structure of many materials is liable for distortion by the heat produced by other cutting processes. This distortion is most likely to affect the performance of the material in some specific applications. The cold cutting technique embraced by waterjet cutting helps in eliminating the chance of burns. Read facts, visit

Finally, the process produces no hazardous waste. It is important that any industrial process should be conscious of their effects on the environment. This means that the cutting methods should also be friendly to the environment. Waterjet cutting is one such process since it does not produce any form of fumes or gases. This is one of the reasons why the technology is gaining popularity amongst designers and manufacturers. You may see page here.

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